Tak perlu tunggu lama for paed’s consultation

5 Dec

To moms out there, ai nak share satu website yang very informative about baby.

It’s called BABY CENTER.

I started to subscribe their newsletter since my baby was 1 week old.

One thing yang i really adore about this website is, they’ll send our baby development progress every week. Cepatkan? So, u can monitor how your baby is growing from week to week. Takyah tunggu monthly check up dengan paed nak dapatkan consultation. At least kita dah bear in mind some of the important keys.

The information given adalah sangat senang untuk difahami.

What kind of toys u nak beli for your baby pun ada.

So, apa tunggu lagi?

Let’s subscribe! They have in malay version as well tau.

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  1. Gina December 6, 2012 at 3:59 pm #

    Gina pun baru jumpa website ni lepas search pasal chicken pox. Bagus segala info kat dalam ni

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